posting to SPALS

Using fonts, text sizes and formatting in SPALS mail

Fonts and formatted text generally are a welcome addition to email -- increasing the range of expressive tools available to people sending email. However, as a relatively recent innovation for Internet mail, fonts and formatted text are not compatible with many older systems -- including email readers that some SPALS members may be using.

The Majordomo that processes SPALS mail does not recognize or interpret fonts and formatted text. Generally, this is not a problem for messages exchanged on the list -- these messages are sent without alteration to SPALS members. Except for the SPALS Digest. The way the Majordomo assembles the SPALS Digest can alter the codes used to represent fonts and formatted text -- sometimes, corrupting the way individual messages are displayed in email readers, and sometimes making entire sections of a message unintelligible.

About 1 in 5 of SPALS members receives the SPALS Digest. For the benefit of digest readers, and to ensure that others can read your messages, please be judicious in your use of fonts and formatted text.