getting help with SPALS

Help about SPALS is in each message*

A special message footer is added to all* SPALS posts. The message footer provides quick information on getting help from SPALS, and who to contact for more help. Here is an example of the message footer:

to POST: email to <>
to JOIN: email to <> with SUBSCRIBE SPALS
to LEAVE: email to <> with UNSUBSCRIBE SPALS
TM Listkeeper: Linda <>
Birthday Listkeeper: Melinda <>
for ANY HELP: email Michael <> / Sara <>
*** Visit the SPALS Home Page for all our FAQs and related information ***
Code of Conduct -- Guidelines -- Information -- Abbreviations
SPALS Home Page at <>

* Please note that the message footer appears on almost all posts. Messages sent with formatted text (text in fonts or colours, or with text formatting headers present, even without fonts or colours) do not contain the footer, due to the way messages are processed by Majordomo -- because Majordomo does not recognize or interpret fonts and formatted text.