Who runs SPALS?

Who are the list administrators for SPALS?

The list administrators manage SPALS, govern and facilitate the SPALS discussion group in accordance with the Charter, and organize and maintain associated SPALS resources.

Currently, our administrators and their duties are:

  • Michael Nettleton <michael@spals.com>
    Michael handles all subscriptions and unsubscriptions, Bios and updates, registration for SPALS Digest, our pregnant moms list, SPALS Tips, the SPALS web page, technical issues and information, and general enquiries about SPALS.
  • Sara Grimes <sbgrimes@juno.com>
    Sara handles unsubscriptions, general enquiries about SPALS and the history of SPALS.

Our list administrators manage all aspects of SPALS on a volunteer basis.

About Sara Grimes

Sara Grimes founded SPALS in December, 1995 and is one of our two list administrators.

Sara's first child, Haven Rose Grimes, was born at 23.5 weeks gestation because of severe preeclampsia and HELLP Syndrome. Haven lived for 3 days (May 9, 1995 - May 12, 1995). Sara's second child, Drake McLean Grimes was born by c-section on July 23, 1996, at 35 weeks, 4 days gestation. Sara lives in Columbia, Missouri.

About Michael Nettleton

Michael Nettleton established our automated mailing list in January, 1996 and is the other of our two list administrators. Michael lives in Toronto, Ontario where he is a parent volunteer and bereavement support group facilitator with Bereaved Families of Ontario.

Michael's daughter, Robyn Alexandra, was born at 31 weeks gestation due to fetal distress caused by twin transfusion syndrome, and died from congestive heart failure (September 11, 1991). Her identical twin Carolyn Emily survived and has suffered no ill effects. Michael's son Gregory Adam was born on September 24, 1995. His second SPAL, Theresa Kathryn was born on April 8, 1998.

Who else helps with SPALS?

Several generous members of SPALS volunteer their time to assist with key tasks within the group:

  • TM List keeper -- maintains the listing of Trying Moms
  • Birthday List keeper -- maintains the weekly registry of members' birth dates
  • Bio / PM update scanners (2) -- assist the list administrators by recording updates posted to the SPALS discussion that affect our Bio and PM records

Email addresses for the keepers of the TM List and Birthday List are included in the footer notes for every SPALS message.

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