How can SPALS help me?

What does SPALS offer?

SPALS is a place for mutual self-help -- a place to receive and provide support by exchanging experiences with others facing similar circumstance.

Subscribers to SPALS strive to support each other through subsequent pregnancies by discussing issues that often arise in a pregnancy after a loss, including:

  1. Coping with actual and imagined fears of another loss.
  2. Working with family and employers to adjust to the special needs of a moderate or high risk pregnancy.
  3. Medical risks and additional testing of a subsequent pregnancy.
  4. How our previous loss has affected ours and other's feelings about another pregnancy.
  5. Testing and/or treatment for secondary infertility following a loss.
  6. Coping with ongoing loss in subsequent pregnancy.

SPALS is designed to offer a safe environment for conducting discussions and seeking support. As a closed mailing list, SPALS offers an atmosphere of intimacy and privacy that other forums may lack. Yet, with its large subscriber base, SPALS also provides a broad and deep base of experiences to share with the new subscriber.

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What is the Bio List?

For the private use of SPALS members, we keep a bio list profiling each of our subscribers. New subscribers receive a current copy of the bio list when they join SPALS. We also post the current copy to SPALS, usually monthly. If are a subscriber and you need a current copy of the bio list, contact either of our list administrators. The bio list is only available to current subscribers.

Why is my Bio out of date?

It is each subscriber's responsibility to keep their bio current. Our administrators may notice and update significant changes from time to time, but this is not their primary responsibility.

If you want to change or update your bio, send a message to one of the list administrators. Currently, Michael Nettleton handles both subscriptions and updates to the Bio List.

What is the TM (Trying Moms) List?

The Trying Moms (TM) List keeps track of the date of next menstrual period for those TM's who wish to register. Subscribers find the list handy for keeping track of who is where in their cycle. A special section of the listing is reserved for Pretrying Moms -- who must wait until a specific date before trying to become pregnant again. The TM List usually is posted weekly to SPALS. Please note that the TM list is not a separate mailing list.

When posting messages related just to Trying Moms, please put "TM (insert subject here)" in the subject line.

To list yourself on the Trying Moms list, contact the TM coordinator through SPALS. The TM coordinator is a rotating position on SPALS, normally held by one of the Trying Moms. The TM coordinator (also known as "list keeper") is identified in the footer of each SPALS message.

What is the PM (Pregnant Moms) List?

The Pregnant Moms (PM) List is a register of those SPALS moms who are expecting, arranged in the form of a calendar of due dates. It helps SPALS subscribers identify others who may be at the same stage of pregnancy, for private conversation on common topics or questions. It is not a separate mailing list or discussion group.

Michael Nettleton currently keeps the Pregnant Moms list and handles additions and updates.

What is the Birthday List?

The Birthday List identifies those SPALS members who have their own birthday in the coming week. Participation in the Birthday List is voluntary, through the Birthday List keeper. The Birthday List permits members to send greetings on a member's birthday.

To participate in the Birthday list, watch for posts in the weeks prior to your own birthday, and contact the Birthday List coordinator (also known as "list keeper") to report your approaching birthday date. The Birthday list coordinator is identified in the footer of each SPALS message.