Does SPALS have a digest?

Why are there so many messages on SPALS?

We do have a great deal of message activity on SPALS, but perhaps this reflects that the need is great -- and that is what we are here for.

The average daily message activity on SPALS is about 25 posts per day on weekdays, and about 15 posts per day on weekends. The volume varies from month to month and from week to week, based on need. Note that these figures are solely for messages posted through the SPALS server. Active members can expect the number of SPALS-related posts the receive to be significantly higher, depending upon their levels of private correspondence with other members.

We all need to be conscious of the high volume of SPALS messages, and the SPALS Tips page offers some tips and observations for efficient participation on SPALS. However, no one with a need to post should ever hesitate to post a message to their friends on SPALS.

Is there any way to reduce the mail I get from SPALS?

We have a digest version of SPALS, which compresses many messages into a single message. Our Majordomo listserver compiles and issues the digest every time it exceeds a certain size. The digest is issued typically once a day -- or more frequently when traffic is high. The content of the SPALS Digest is the same as the regular list traffic, condensed into a single message.

What is contained in the SPALS digest?

The SPALS Digest accumulates daily posts through SPALS into one message. A Digest typically contains 10-20 SPALS messages (the number depends upon their size and the activity level of SPALS).

The content of the SPALS Digest is the same as the regular list traffic, condensed into a single message. By receiving the SPALS Digest, you will not miss any SPALS traffic. However, depending on the capabilities of your mail software, you may see not see graphics embedded in messages in the SPALS Digest -- instead you may see lines of incomprehensible text.

How often does the digest come?

The Majordomo usually issues the digest at least once every 24 hours. As well, whenever the accumulated digest exceeds a certain size, the Majordomo automatically issues the digest.

The SPALS Digest has a sequential issue number, which is included in the subject of each digest message.

If I miss the digest, how do I get another one?

Recent copies of the SPALS digest are available to current SPALS members at our private archives. For information on the location, and to obtain an access ID and the current password, please email Michael.

How do I arrange for the SPALS digest?

To register to receive the SPALS Digest, email a request to list administrator Michael. Your request should be processed within a couple of days.

How do I go back to regular SPALS mail from the digest?

To change from the SPALS Digest to the regular list distribution, email your request to Michael.

Why am I still getting SPALS posts as well as the digest?

When you begin to receive the SPALS Digest, it will contain posts you have already received. If there have been delays in distributing regular mail, it also is possible that you will receive older messages (that were "in transit") after you have received several digests.

If you receive individual SPALS posts that are duplicates of messages in your second (or subsequent) SPALS Digest, please contact one of our list administrators.