leaving SPALS

Trying to leave SPALS?

The final lines of the SPALS message footer contain a reminder of how to leave SPALS. Just email a message to <spals-request@lists.cirr.com> with any subject, and with UNSUBSCRIBE(in upper or lower case) as the sole content of the body of the message. If this doesn't work:

- Check that you are emailing Majordomo from your regular SPALS account. This is the account you used when you signed up for SPALS -- and from which you normally post to SPALS.

- Check that you are not sending a "formatted" message to Majordomo. A formatted message (text in fonts or colours, or with text formatting headers present, even without fonts or colours) actually contains other information than just "unsubscribe SPALS" as the body of the message.

Those are the known reasons an "unsubscribe" command may not work. Sometimes, for other reasons unknown, Majordomo may not recognize requests from members to unsubscribe.

If you have tried to unsubscribe but have not been successful, please post directly to Michael <ma.net@rogers.com> who will take care of removing you from SPALS. Please do not make this request to the overall list, although we do welcome you to make a friendly farewell post, if you wish.

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