How do I ...

How do I change my SPALS address?

To change your address for SPALS, email Michael from your old address with your new address when you want to make the change.

Your address change should be confirmed by a notification from our Majordomo that your old address has been unsubscribed, as well as a message to your new address that you have been added to SPALS.

If you experience any problems with an address change, please email Michael.

How do I update my SPALS bio?

You may update your bio at any time by email to Michael, who maintains the records for our Bio List.

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How do I join the TM List?

To join the TM List (a listing of Trying Moms on SPALS) send a general message to SPALS, or a private message to the TM List keeper (see the most recent listing of TM's, or the footer of SPALS messages).

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How do I join the PM List?

To join the PM List (a listing of the Pregnant Moms on SPALS) email to Michael with your expected date (or month) of delivery.

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How do I post a survey question to SPALS?

Our Charter specifies "we will actively discourage ... posting a formal survey of any nature, to be published in any manner, without prior approval from the list administrators." Posting a survey question directly to SPALS is not permitted under our Guidelines.

We also recognize that surveys are needed for research and publications that will serve the interests of the members of SPALS. The administrators of SPALS are authorized to advise members of SPALS about such projects. Please contact our list administrators to discuss the survey or research question you are considering -- they will advise if there is an appropriate way to position this with SPALS.

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How do I add information to the FAQ?

We welcome comments, suggestions, and questions about SPALS and about our FAQ. Send email to list administrators if you have information or a suggestion for the FAQ.